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Our Property "Sherwood Park" under Snow in the Winter of 2012.

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"Ebony is a very smart filly. Probably the most intelligent young horse that I have come across. Whilst she has three very good paces and a quick turn it is her thinking and ability to learn quickly that is her most striking feature. She is not the most affectionate horse (particularly when compared to Thor) but I expect this to improve over time. She is also a bit of a cheeky opportunist and if I give her an inch, by leaving the gate ajar, she will seize that opportunity and head out of her paddock for a good look around. But she always comes home - because that is where Thor is. I like that quality in her. You can actually observe her thinking and learning. It did not take long on the lunge rope to get her to work at different paces simply by voice. She understands what I call and adjusts accordingly. She is also a very calm horse - she always has been. Very easy to float and work around. Ebony was a good purchase from Michelle Walker.”

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